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Image by Scott Graham


Institutional development of Laudes Foundation partner organizations in Brazil

Institutional development of Laudes F. partner organizations in Brazil is a permanent activity, supporting the institutional development (ID) of Laudes' partners in Brazil.

This work has been going on since 2008/09, when the C&A Institute's Institutional Development Program (PDI) was created, a process to which I was able to contribute. From then on, until 2019, I offered support to the institutional development of partner organizations and also of the Institute itself.


As of 2020, with the creation of the Laudes Foundation, I started to carry out organizational diagnoses and support the institutional development of organizations supported in Brazil by the Foundation.


My work includes carrying out ID diagnoses of potential new Laudes partners, supporting the preparation of the formal proposal to Laudes and monitoring the development process of some partner organizations.

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