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Domingos Armani

Domingos Armani is a sociologist, Master in Political Science (UFRGS) and consultant in institutional development for civil society organizations (CSOs) for over 25 years. Through an integral, reflective and sensitive approach, he supports processes of change, simultaneously, of people and the institutions, aiming at strengthening both as pillars of an ecosystem of social transformation.


Ana Barbara Caporal

Professional with more than 25 years of experience in the area of public service and executive advice. He has in his curriculum experience in the area of Industry and Commerce, Public and Private Institutions and service offices.

Postgraduate in Environmental Management and Education, specialization in Public Policies. Graduated in Business Administration with emphasis in Marketing, with knowledge in the area of Sustainability Applied to Business, Institutional Communication Processes and Balanced Scorecard.


leandro l. valarelli 

Leandro L. Valarelli is a sociologist and educator, since 1980 he has worked in non-formal education programs with popular organizations, social movements and governmental organizations and civil society organizations. Since 2000, he has been acting as a facilitator and autonomous consultant in the field of institutional development of civil society organizations, public bodies and institutions of bi- and multilateral cooperation, with an emphasis on their strategic repositioning and their M&E processes.


celia meira

Célio Meira


nataly queiroz

Nataly Queiroz is a journalist graduated from the Catholic University of Pernambuco, a specialist in Political Science from the same educational institution, a master's degree in Extension and Local Development from the Federal Rural University of Pernambuco and a PhD in Communication from the Federal University of Pernambuco. She is a member of Intervozes - Colectivo Brasil de Comunicação Social and is a university professor.


Havana Marques

Accountant, with approximately twelve years of experience, she has worked as an independent auditor and financial consultant for KPMG, an internal controls analyst, in order to prevent financial fraud at the representative of CVS Health (Drogaria Onofre) in Brazil, among other multinationals. He has been working with non-profit organizations and social transformation since 2017 at Torres Contabilidade serving organizations in São Paulo, Recife and Salvador. Specialist in Cultural Project Management from the University of São Paulo (USP). Professor of financial management and accounting at the postgraduate course in independent journalism at the Catholic University of Pernambuco. Feminist, anti-racist and anti-prohibitionist, she believes that financial and administrative management are powerful resources and tools for social organizations, and can be knowledge to be exchanged with greater acceptance, understanding and accessibility to the people who make up non-profit institutions or social entrepreneurship. .


lindalva (Dalvinha) belt

Lindalva Correia is a professional  social development and acts as a consultant and facilitator of individual, collective and institutional processes in the perspective  of social transformation and sustainability. She holds a degree in Social Work from UFPE and a postgraduate degree in Group Dynamics from CDG-Pernambuco, with training in NLP- Neuro-Linguistic Programming. At the Recife City Hall Health Department, he coordinates the aging policy in DS IV.


cristiane felix

Cristiane Félix, Journalist, with a solid trajectory in the social field, working for more than 22 years with civil society organizations. Skills: Planning,  Monitoring and evaluation of programs and projects (PMA), Coordination, Management, Communication, Institutional Development, Networks and Process Facilitation, Mentoring.


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