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Institutional Development of partner organizations of Laudes F. in Brazil

Institutional Development (ID) of partner organizations of Laudes Foundation in Brazil is a permanent activity giving support to ID of Laudes’ partners in Brazil.

This project has been around since 2008/9 when the Institutional Development Program of the C&A Institute was created. Domingos Armani was actively part of the process (see publication) and until 2019 he supported the institutional development of partner organizations, and the institute itself.

Since 2020, when Laudes Foundation was created we have performed organizational diagnosis and given support to ID of partner organizations of the Foundation in Brazil.

Performing diagnosis on ID for potential Laudes’ partners is part of our work. We also give support to drafting a formal proposal to Laudes and follow-up the developing process of some of the organizations.

Download one of the articles from the book mentioned in this link.


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