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Domingos Armani and his team of consultants can providethe following services. If you are interested in any of them or have any query, please contact us via E-mail or our Blog.

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Support Institutional Development of CSOs

To organize and develop a follow-up and supporting service oninstitutional development of an organization or a group of CSOs.

A service offered to social investors from Brazil and abroad focusing on supporting ID and strengthening partners’ capacity. It can include developing teaching materials.

Strategic Planning

To facilitate strategic reviews and institutional planning processes with a duration of one or two days (short time); a set of workshops taking place in two to three months (medium time); or for more complex and larger institutions, a process from six months to a year duration (longer time).

These participatory processes, whereas adequate representation of all institutional areas and sectors and strategic partners, are the key success factor.

It seeks to updating an institution’s strategy. Reflecting on its context, trends and challenges, institutional identity and mission, design of the action strategy, and mechanisms of governance, management, and sustainability.

Institutional Evaluation

Conducting institutional, program and project evaluation processes.

The focus of institutional assessments can be on the verification impacts of institutional action and on the aspects of institutional development and sustainability, such as governance system, management model, planning, monitoring & evaluation system, communication, and resource mobilization. Institutional assessment processes last at least three months and up to a year.


In evaluating programs and projects, the focus is on effectiveness (the results), strategies, partnerships, the team profile, and the dynamics of coordination and evaluation. These processes last at least two months.


In both cases, the methodological perspective is to encourage the institution to reflect on its ways of being and doing. Providing new learning from external mediation.

Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation System and Learning

Help to develop or improve processes, dynamics and tools for regular monitoring and evaluation of institutional action, with permanent learning.

The method requires all instances of the institution to take part, to promote a process of reflection and collective construction of the M&E system.

​Consultancy work focuses on defining the PM&A process (dynamics and roles), building instruments (indicators, scripts, spreadsheets, etc.), and establishing a progressive mindset of a planning and learning culture in the organization.


The consultancy should involve a follow-up process until implementing the system for a period of no less than six months.

Governance, Organizational Design, and Institutional Management

To consultfor reviewing and updating governance systems, institutional management, and organizational design.

​It is a collective process of reflection, critical analysis, and proposals for improving governance systems: statutes, bodies, composition, dynamics, roles, and procedures.

In terms of management, it involves analysing and proposing improvements to the management model: Institutional culture, management model (concepts and approaches), bodies, constitution/mandates, roles, operability, so on.

​With organizational design, it is about the search for the remote origins of the adopted model, to reflect on the institutional culture that supports it, and to analyse its functionality considering the institution’s current challenges.

The basic method always involves individual interviews, document analysis, and workshops for reflection and collective construction.

Draft & Review Projects & Programs

Consultancy and support for the formulation and review of social programs and projects.

When dealing with drafting and/or revising programs the method comprises subsequent workshops focused on reflections and propositions, until the program’s basics are agreed upon and planned.

With projects, we can do it in two ways. By elaborating on a project from relevant documents or facilitating a participatory process for the project’s elaboration.

Mentoring in Institutional Development of CSOs

Offering individual and/or collective processes to CSOs leaders of short and medium duration (10 to 12 sessions/6 to 12 months), associated or not with consulting processes.

Knowledge Production (Systematization of Experiences, Studies and Research)

Production of texts, articles and studies based on own research or commentary on available research. It can also take the form of content production for online courses.

The systematization of experiences involves the production of text for analysis, systematization and extraction of learning and reference cases based on relevant social experience, based on the relevant documentation.

It can result in a case study, article or even a publication.

The systematization of experiences involves the production of text for analysis, systematization and extraction of learning and reference cases based on relevant social experience, based on the relevant documentation.

It can result in a case study, article, course content or even a publication.

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